derived development update

The last two months have been busy for us building the Derived protocol. While our team has been continuously working on background on making sure the smart contracts are foolproof, we have just completed our first iteration of the UI of our protocol. This means we are inching closer towards…

Derived and SupraOracles Partnership Announcement

Derive Finance is excited to partner with SupraOracles, who are building a fast, secure and cross chain compatible Oracle and price feeds. SupraOracles is the flagship project by the Entropy Foundation. Derived Finance and SupraOracles’ will be working together to explore the use of the SupraOracles services for accurate price…

Hey Everyone,

This October has been really important for the Derived team. We have more exciting announcements following in the next months as well. Let’s just have a summary of what happened past month

Pancakeswap Listing

The Long awaited IDO was concluded this month and DVDX listed on Oct 14th and had…

Stake $DVDX and farm $DVDX + $RAZE + $BCPAY + $STFI + $UFARM

Derived is excited to announce a collaboration with UniFarm by OpenDeFi to introduce group farming, enabling long term incentives for token holders. Users will be able to stake $DVDX and farm multiple tokens in the UniFarm pool. The stake pool will be available from 1.30 …


The future of synthetics

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