Derived Development Update

derived development update

Technical Update

  • Implementation of ERC1155 token standard for creating prediction markets on real-life events and asset prices.
  • Development of Staking contract and supporting UI/UX where the users can stake DVDx and mint the USDx which they can use to bet on prediction markets/trade assets
  • Enhancing the current MVP on binary options to include more details like payout, long/short skew while creating the options
  • Enhance the UI to support Binary options (Predict on Assets / Predict on Real-life events)
  • Development of contract to control the staking emission curve of the DVDx tokens
  • Development of Minting / Burn / Debt pool / Collateral contracts
  • Development of Inverse derived assets. These assets will serve as a hedge against the debt pool.
  • Preliminary design review for the development of Leveraged minting and hybrid assets.
  • Integration of oracles with the core protocol.

Sneak peek of our core protocol UI:

  • User Dashboard
  • Trade the synthetic assets
  • Staking the Derived tokens and minting the USDx
  • Farming of Derived Tokens
  • Binary options (Prediction market for real-life events/assets)
  • Inverse Assets (To be added in the next iteration)
Dashboard or quick glance
The no slippage DEX
Staking UI
Binary Options 2.0

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