Derived Monthly Recap-October 2021

Hey Everyone,

This October has been really important for the Derived team. We have more exciting announcements following in the next months as well. Let’s just have a summary of what happened past month

Pancakeswap Listing

The Long awaited IDO was concluded this month and DVDX listed on Oct 14th and had a very good response from the community, seeing good volume on the Dex. You can head over to Pancakeswap to purchase your DVDX tokens.

Bitmart list and competition

Soon after our Dex listing , We wanted to provide a market for people interested in trading in centralized exchanges so we partnered with Bitmart. Bitmart is one of the top 15 exchanges in the market supporting users from different countries.

To celebrate our partnership we had initiated a buying competition to reward the top 10 users with the highest purchases find more about the competition here.

Unifarm partnership and Staking

To reward our valuable community and holders we had partnered with Unifarm to provide rewards for single side staking. There is no risk of impermanent loss as it is just single liquidity. Participants can get rewards in multiple tokens such as RAZE , BCPAY ,STFI ,UFARM along with $DVDX . Find the details about the competition here.

MVP launch on BSC Testnet

Soon after our listing we launched our MVP with the much requested feature from the community which was binary options. You can explore more about our MVP here and go through the guide to use the platform. We were able to see a very good response from the community and the team is constantly working on the feedback received from the community.

Going green with Brokoli Network

We have decided that Derived should be more carbon neutral while revolutionizing the decentralised synthetics markets. To achieve this goal we have partnered with Brokoli network who are leading the Green Defi initiative. Users can make their own digital NFT forests check more about the partnership in our announcement.

About Derived

Derived is a Decentralised Multi-Chain Asset Protocol giving users the access to trade Stocks, Commodities, Forex or Crypto on a single platform. Derived offers several unique features such as leveraged minting , hybrid tokens and binary options.

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The future of synthetics

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The future of synthetics

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